Earl pt 2
dedicated to Earl Pearson



Earl and I have been best friends for quite awhile now.

We go to school together. We do our homework and play sports together. 


One day, while outside playing basketball, I saw that Earl

was not feeling well.

 I made a shot and instead of trying to block me, he sat down on the ground, tired.

This was weird to me because Earl wins all of the time.


ME: “Earl, are you OK?”


EARL: “I’m fine.” Earl said tiredly.
"Do you mind if I go home now?”


ME: “Yeah sure, I’ll walk you home.”


Earl picks up his bike and as he begins to ride away, he falls on the ground.


ME: “Earl!” I yell.

I run over to him.


ME: “Now I know you’re not feeling well.”

EARL: “Please don’t tell my mom.” Earl pleads, “Promise me.”


“Earl, now you are scaring me.”


EARL: “Please just promise me.”


Earl’s eyes were so sad.


ME: “Ok, Earl. I promise. Just let me just help you home.”


After that day, now when Earl and I went outside, he just sat around.

He looked tired all of the time, even at school.


Every day, I'd see him looking exhausted, I say to him, “Let’s go, Earl.” And we'd walked home.


Earl wasn’t getting better.

I knew that I had to tell my mom.


I got home, and I opened my mouth...


ME: “Mom…”

MOM: “Go wash your hands first,” she interrupted.


As I washed my hands, I thought deeply.

I knew that Earl did not want me to talk to anyone about it, but I knew that something was wrong with him.

I walked into the kitchen.

ME: “Mom, I think that Earl is sick again.”

MOM: "What?” she asked.


ME: “He is always tired and he keeps falling down.”

I begin to cry. “I promised that I wouldn’t tell.”


MOM: “Telling me is what makes you a good friend to Earl.”


ME: “What if his cancer is back?”


MOM: “Then you might have saved his life.”


The next day, I didn’t see Earl. He didn’t come to school. He wasn’t outside.

After a few days, I knocked on his door.

His mother opened the door.


She spoke in a soft voice,
EARL'S MOM: “Earl isn’t here, Sweetie.”

I put my head down.
ME: (whispering) “Is he in the hospital?”


EARL'S MOM: “Yes, dear.” She replied.


ME: “Can I see him?”


EARL'S MOM: “We'd have to ask your mom first, but I don’t see why not.”

My eyes lit up.

ME: “Thank you. I'll ask as soon as I get home.”
I begin to walk away.


She clears her throat. I turn around.


EARL'S MOM: “I heard about what you did. Thank you for telling your mom. I know that it wasn’t easy.”


After hearing that, I felt good.
ME: “You’re welcome.”
 I said as I got on my bike and went home.

When I went to the hospital to see Earl, he was bald again.


ME: “Hi, Earl.” I said.

He still looked tired.


EARL: “Hey,” he whispered.


ME: “I am sorry for telling, Earl. But I had to tell.”


EARL: “It’s OK, I shouldn’t have asked you to keep that secret.”


I looked down.
ME: "Is the cancer back?”


Earl looked at me.
EARL: “Yes.”



I wanted to cry, but I didn’t want Earl to feel bad.
My eyes hurt but I walked closer to Earl.


ME: “Will you be OK?”


Earl smiled convincingly.
EARL: “I will get better, just watch!”


I pat him on the shoulder. I said seriously,
ME: “I care about you Earl. You're my best friend and I hope you feel better soon...
(after a slight pause) so I can finally beat you in basketball.”

We both laughed. I started to walk towards the door.


EARL: "Hey!” He shouted. “Hold this for me.”

He grabbed a baseball and threw it to me.


I caught it and smiled.

ME: “It’s safe with me, Earl. It will be waiting for you when you come back.”


I left the hospital. I was so happy that I saw him.


He is my best friend and he needs me to be there for him.

So I will…be there for Earl.