Earl pt. 3

dedicated to Earl Pearson



I wished that the sun was shining but it was raining outside today.

And I wished that I could ride my bike over to my best friend Earl’s house.

 But he was still in the hospital with cancer.

 So I just lay on my bed, and just stared at the ceiling.


I looked over the baseball that Earl gave me.

 I thought of my promise to take care of it for Earl until he came back.


My mother walked into my room.

MOM: “I have to talk to you.”


I sit up.
ME: “Yes, Mom?”


MOM: “It’s about Earl.”


ME: “Yes?”


She looks down.

MOM: “He is gone.”


I stand up.
ME: “What do you mean, Mom? Gone?”

I begin to cry. “Gone, Mom?”


She walks over to me. She gives me a hug.

Tears are in her eyes as she holds me. She whispers,
MOM: “Yes Sweetie, Earl is gone.”


ME: “You mean that I won’t see him again?”


MOM: “No Dear.”


I cry harder. I slowly pull away from my mother.

ME: “Can I be alone?”


MOM: “Are you sure?”


ME: “Yes Mom, I need to be alone.”


She looks me in my eyes.
MOM: “Five minutes, and I’ll be back to check on you.”


ME: “OK.”


I begin to cry again.

I walk over on my shelf to see the ball that Earl gave me.

I take it into may hands and put it under my pillow.

 I laid down and fell asleep.


The next morning, my mother took me to Earl’s house.

I wanted to say goodbye.


Earl’s mother is sitting down, holding his baby brother.

Her eyes are red from crying.

Looking at me, she gets up.
She walks over to me, she gives me a hug.


I reach into my pocket and hand her the ball that Earl gave me.

 She looked into my eyes.
EARL'S MOM: “You were Earl’s best friend. He wanted you to have it.”


I look down.
ME: “Thank you.”
 I take a deep breath.
ME: “Did Earl tell you to tell me goodbye?


EARL'S MOM: “Yes, Dear.”
She hugged me tight.

EARL'S MOM: “That hug is from Earl.” She said softly.


ME: “Thank you.”


That hug made me feel good.

As my mother and I walked home,
I sobbed quietly, wiped my eyes and held my head high.


I still ride my bike everyday. Play basketball.

I do all of the things that Earl would love to do.


Even though I am still sad sometimes, Earl would not want me to stay home and cry all of the time.

So when I miss him, I think about him and what his friendship meant to me and
how we enjoyed the time that we had.

I still have the ball he gave me.

I promised that I will keep it safe. So I always will.


His memory is with me. And I will never forget him.



Earl P.1977-1995