Earl dedicated to Earl Pearson

Part 1


It was a nice day today.  The sun had finally come out after it rained for five days straight.

I wanted to play outside… real bad.


ME:  “Mommy, can I go outside and ride my bike?”


MOM: “Are you finished with your homework?”


ME: “Yes, Mom.”


While I was waiting for my answer from Mom, I stayed in the same spot,

looking out of the window. Mom's voice echoed behind me.


MOM:  “OK Honey, just be back by dinnertime, when the street lights come on.” she said.


While watching all of the children playing,
my eyes stopped at Earl, a kid from the neighborhood. I see that he is now bald.

 I mean, all the way bald.


ME:  “That’s funny.” I said to myself, “Well, last year he had a head full of hair.”


I go outside.


ME:  “Hey Earl, what happened to your hair?”


EARL looks down.
EARL:  “It fell out.”


ME:   “What do you mean, fell out? I mean, how?”


He put his head down.
EARL:  “I got cancer.”


I scratch my head. 
ME: “I thought that only grown ups get that.”


Earl spoke up.
EARL:  “Nope, kids get it too. When I was in the hospital, there were a lot of kids like me in there.”


ME: “Wow.  Earl, does it hurt?”


EARL:  “Yes, it does. But my mommy stayed with me, and I made lots of friends.

We were there for each other when one of us felt sicker than the rest of us, some days.

But the doctors told me that I am in remission, well, I mean, OK for now.

So I'm home now.”


I saw that Earl was just like me.  Earl is a kid that likes to have fun and play.

He went to school, did his homework and had a family that loved him.

Yes. He was like me.


Everyone wanted him to get better.

 I wanted him to get better.


ME: "Earl, I am glad that you are home.  Do you want to ride our bikes together?”

Earl smiled.


EARL: “Oh yeah!”

 He grabbed his bike and rode ahead of me.


And we played together until dinnertime, every day.